Hypcampex® is a 2D-platformer, action-adventure RPG set within Planet Photonus, where you embark on a journey as the legendary Electrex Bolt® to acquire the artifact of the Hypcampex® and stop the Avengers of Light, the Lavengers, from destroying the planet. With vibrant environments, pestering enemies, and innovative maps, you will be able to put your skills to the test and brave the war against the Lavengers. Will Electrex Bolt® succeed?



Destroy the drone waves deployed by the Lavengers and best their tactics. The trials and puzzles that lie ahead will not be easy feats. It will take the most omnipotent of prowess.

Battle through space on the BOLT Voyager V3 and show the Lavengers that Electrex Bolt® is the best pilot within the galaxy.

Does Electrex Bolt® have what it takes to master the light and revive those whom he has lost? Will he be able to conquer the Lavengers and acquire the Artifact of the Hypcampex®?