Orboltix® leverages the engineering of machine and deep learning algorithms to advance modern artificial intelligence. From engineering predictive models, conducting supervised and unsupervised learning assays, building large language models with advanced prompt engineering, and more, Orboltix® ensures that your company to up-to-date with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. Furthermore, not only are artificial intelligence algorithms engineered by Orboltix®, but they are also assessed for any cybersecurity concerns - such as prompt injections, model denial-of-service, or training data poisoning in large language models. Orboltix® continuously strives to advance and bulwark the field of artificial intelligence for the safety and serenity of mankind. Peruse our AI services below - starting rates are based on the project requested:

LLM: Retrieval Augmented Generation Model Engineering
LLM: Autoregressive Language Model Engineering
LLM: Transformer-Based Model Engineering
LLM: Pre-Trained and Fine-Tuned Model Engineering
LLM: Encoder-Decoder Model Engineering
LLM: Multilingual Model Engineering
Prompt Engineering
LLM Cybersecurity
Supervised Learning: Classification
Supervised Learning: Regression Analyses
Unsupervised Learning: Cluster Analyses
Unsupervised Learning: Association Analyses
Unsupervised Learning: Dimensionality Reduction
Computer Vision: Image and Object Detection Engineering
Predictive Model Engineering
General AI Cybersecurity
Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
Big Data Processing
Recurrent Neural Network Engineering
Convolutional Neural Network Engineering
Perceptron Neural Network Engineering
Generative Adversarial Neural Network Engineering
Feedforward Neural Network Engineering


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