Orboltix® is the primary branch of Biologists of Later Tomorrows (BOLT) LLC that focuses on science, technology, and engineering. Orboltix® specializes in cybersecurity solutions for private and government entities to ensure that their data and infrastructure is in compliance with federal regulations and protected against cyber threats. With the enforcement of a zero-trust infrastructure in accordance with NIST and through risk assessments, risk mitigation, threat analyses, penetration testing, network monitoring, and more, Orboltix® ensures that your entity is protected to the greatest degree from cyber and physical threats. Clientele data confidentiality, integrity, and availability at the seven (7) domains of the typical IT infrastructure is of high importance and Orboltix® will ensure of its security.

Cybersecurity Protection
Physical Security Enforcement
Monitoring and Prevention for Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
Monitoring and Prevention for Spoofing Attacks
Monitoring and Prevention for Phishing Attacks
Monitoring and Prevention for Malware Attacks
Monitoring and Prevention for Insider Threats
Monitoring and Prevention for Identity-Based Attacks
Monitoring and Prevention for IoT-Based Attacks
Monitoring and Prevention for DNS Tunneling
Cyber Attack Mitigation Plans
Incident Response Reports
SSL Certificate Analysis
SMTP Network Analysis
Data Breach Analysis
Drone Security Monitoring
Penetration Testing Analysis (Red Team + Blue Team)
Contingency Plan Development
Potential Cyber Threats Analysis
Proper Anti-Virus Software Installation
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Set-Up
Secure Communication Channel Set-Up
On-Site & Virtual Cyber Security Training
On-Site & Virtual Technical Infrastructure Assessment
On-Site & Virtual Security Assessment
Technical Assistance with Software utilized by the Service Recipient
Technical Assistance with Mailing and Domain Systems
Technical Assistance with glitched hardware
Physical Security Set-Up and Installation
Zero-Trust Infrastructure Enforcement
Federal Compliance and Regulations Auditing


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