Orboltix® specializes in the development and engineering of dynamic software applications that can be utilized on PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Through full-stack development with the AGILE methodology from our licensed engineers, clientele applications are developed from the ground up with raw code and enhanced cybersecurity implementations. Each of our engineers have master’s degrees or higher with additional certifications in cybersecurity, data science, and data engineering. Orboltix® strives to develop the best technologies for clientele that ensure of a luxurious, professional, and efficient user experience. Orboltix® aims to advance and always surpass customer expectations to assure of a premium and satisfying end-product. Please examine some of our offerings below with the starting rates of our full-stack engineers. Starting rates vary based on the project requested.

Full-Stack Developed Platform
Multiple Pages
AGILE Consulting
Services and Email Integration
Dynamic Email Integration
SMTP Set-Up and Integration
AWS RDS Integration
AWS EC2 Integration
AWS IAM Integration
Google Analytics Integration
Google Recaptcha Integration
E-Sign Integration
Paypal Integration
Chatbot Integration
Social Media Widget Integration
Calendar Integration
Appointments Integration
GIS/Maps Integration
Ecommerce Capabilities
Postgres SQL Database Integration
User Accounts Integration
Secure Login Integration
Extravagantly, Responsively, and Dynamically designed
Domain Name Integration
Hosting Set-Up
SSL Certificate Integration
Custom Requests Integration
Monthly updates and maintenance
Digitally animating the software for specials, deals, and events
Posting updated specials, deals, and events
Logo and banner redesign
Modifying and upkeeping the back-end infrastructure
Modifying and upkeeping the front-end infrastructure
Repairing any bugs that users may encounter
Maintaining the modernity of the software in accordance to Google's rules
Ensuring of protection from potential threats through the SSL certificate
Ensuring that the software has updated cookies measurements upon updates to governmental regulations
Relational Database Management, Monitoring, and Wrangling
Online Business Presence Maintenance and Monitoring
Amazon Web Services Integration, Monitoring, and Maintenance: S3, RDS, and IAM
Cybersecurity Operations and Inspections
AWS and Heroku Subscriptions Included while cost is below ($500 per month)
Social Media Updates and Management (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram)
Mobile Application Engineering and Integration
Apple App & Google Play Store Integration
Penetration Testing
Once per month on-site technical assessment and review
Weekend Customer Service (8AM-6PM)
Enterprise Solutions
Employee Data Literacy Training
Employee Cybersecurity and Safety Training
Corporate Cloud Integrations
Mixed Reality / Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
Data Science, Analytics, & Engineering Services
Engineering of Machine Learning Algorithms
Engineering of Deep Learning Algorithms
Custom Necessities Upon Request


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