Orboltix® provides consulting services in the fields of information technology (IT), engineering, and biotechology. Services are provided within the field of Information Technology (IT) such as software engineering and development, aerial drone piloting, and data literacy training. Orboltix® provides data literacy training in statistics/analytics, machine learning, and bioinformatics, with programming languages such as python, R, and SQL. In regards to Biotechnology, Orboltix® constructs materials and clothing via biofabrication, conducts research in the field of oncology to develop new medicines, and provides clinics for testing and emergencies. Furthermore, the Orboltix® family of applications consists of the Fovea®, Golgi Apparatus®, and Hypcampex®. Learn more about the services that you can receive for your business or institute through the Orboltix® below.


Software Engineering: With Orboltix® you can have software engineered via full-stack developed for your business or personal use. Various types of software can be engineered ranging from marketing, ecommerce, social media, and more. Custom software can even be developed that meets your personal or professional needs. All software is developed by licensed professionals with a master's degree or higher to ensure that you are receiving the best product.

Drone Aeronautics: Orboltix® utilizes 4K drones to perform an abundance of aerial services. Many of our drones are utilized in the construction industry to analyze rooftops and other structures. Others are used for marketing and photography, agriculture, and security - such as monitoring the exterior of buildings for intruders, and search + rescue missions.

Data Literacy: Through Orboltix®, you can receive in-depth training in utilizing various programming languages such as python, R, and SQL. With our technologies, you will be able to learn coding directly on the platform through live sessions via the Fovea®.

Orboltix® not only provides services but teaches clients the technical importance behind each service. It is crucial for individuals of all ages to understand the field of IT when receiving services. This will ensure that IT literacy is enhanced amongst all clientele of diverse backgrounds. Enjoy Orboltix® IT Services and Consulting - we are looking forward to helping you.


The Orboltix® specializes in next-generation biotechnology research in the fields of oncology and biofabrication. Our scientists and engineers work hard to develop medicines, treatments, and preventatives for tumorigenesis and oncogenesis. Utilizing revolutionary scientific tools and instruments, our engineers and scientist are able to discover variants within patient genomes that are responsible for their oncogenic onsets and develop medicines that will ultimately eradicate such variants.

Oncology is not the only focus of our biotechnology branch, testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and the provision of seasonal allergy, COVID, and Flu shots by authorized medical personnel is amongst our key missions. Mobile medical centers are utilized to provide such treatments to vicinities where individuals may not have access to proper healthcare and treatments. Protecting and assuring the safety of patients within all ethnic and racial backgrounds is essential for improving the nation's healthcare industry and expanding patient trust in medicine.


Through the Orboltix® consulting services are also provided. With our consulting, we will provide scientists and engineers to your company to aid in excelling and furthering your mission. For instance, engineers have been provided to various businesses within the construction industry to help expedite infrastructure development. Scientists have been provided to biotech firms to assist in both analyzing data and furthering research objectives. With Orboltix® your business will be able to evolve to the next stage.




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